# Introduction

# What is Gone?

Firstly, Gone is a lightweight dependency injection framework based on Golang, inspired by Java's Spring Framework. Secondly, the Gone framework includes a series of built-in components that provide a comprehensive web development solution, offering capabilities commonly used in microservices such as service configuration, logging, service invocation, database access, and message middleware.

Let's use Gone to write a web service!

# Web Service

package main
import (
// Implement a Goner. What is a Goner? => https://goner.fun/en/guide/core-concept.html#goner
type controller struct {
	gone.Flag // Goner flag, anonymously embedded, making the struct a Goner
	gone.RouteGroup `gone:"gone-gin-router"` // Inject root router
// Implement the Mount method to mount routes. The framework will automatically execute this method.
func (ctr *controller) Mount() gone.GinMountError {
	// Define request structure
	type Req struct {
		Msg string `json:"msg"`
	// Register handler for `POST /hello`
	ctr.POST("/hello", func(in struct {
		to  string `gone:"http,query"` // Inject http request query parameter `to`
		req *Req   `gone:"http,body"`  // Inject http request body
	}) any {
		return fmt.Sprintf("to %s msg is: %s", in.to, in.req.Msg)
	return nil
func main() {
	// Start the service
	gone.Serve(func(cemetery gone.Cemetery) error {
		// Invoke the framework's built-in component to load the gin framework
		_ = goner.GinPriest(cemetery)
		// Bury a Goner of type controller into the cemetery
		// What does bury mean? => https://goner.fun/en/guide/core-concept.html#bury
		// What is a cemetery? => https://goner.fun/en/guide/core-concept.html#cemetery
		return nil

Run the above code with: go run main.go. The program will listen on port 8080. Test using curl:

curl -X POST 'http://localhost:8080/hello' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{"msg": "Hello there?"}'

The result is:

{"code":0,"data":"to  msg is: Hello there?"}

# Concepts

The code we write is ultimately lifeless unless it is run.

In Gone, components are abstracted as Goner. A Goner can have other Goners injected into it. Before starting Gone, all Goners need to be buried in the cemetery. After starting Gone, all Goners will be resurrected, forming a Heaven where "everyone is complete, and what they desire will be fulfilled".

To learn more, please read Gone's core concepts (opens new window).